What is BiSC?

Bloggers in Sin City is an annual meetup in Las Vegas that brings the online world offline by using outlandish fun to build powerful, lasting relationships between bloggers and their networks. It’s a social meetup that’s specifically tailored to personal bloggers and social media lovers, giving them an open, welcoming, and insanely fun environment to go from blog friends to 3-D friends.

Who attends this event?

If you’re a blogger, you’re invited! In order to qualify for attendance, you have to have a currently active blog and you have to be excited about meeting a wide range of bloggers. This event is perfect for people who are open-minded, friendly, and genuinely excited about making lots and lots of new friends.

While there aren’t demographic restrictions on who can attend, the typical BiSC go-er is a female between 23 and 35 years old whose blog is predominantly personal/lifestyle related. Does that mean guys aren’t welcome? Of course not! Does that mean finance bloggers aren’t welcome? Of course not! The more diverse, the merrier.

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When should I register?

Registration begins at 9am PST on Monday 1.14 and will close at 5:55pm PST on Thursday 2.28.

What happens after I register?

Within 48 hours of registration, your bio and photo will be added to the BiSC website, your Twitter handle will be added to the BiSC 2013 Twitter list, and you’ll be on track to receive all official communication via our exclusive attendee email newsletter. Anything else you need to know prior to the event will be communicated to you clearly and on time, so there’s no need to worry about details. If, at any time after you register, you have questions about the event, you can email Nicole – nicole(at)bloggersinsincity(dot)com – and ask away!

How much is registration, and what does the registration fee include?

Registration for BiSC 2013 is $599, and one of the best things about BiSC is that it’s virtually all-inclusive. Registration is a one-stop-shop, and your registration fee covers 3 nights at Flamingo Vegas, as well as access to each of the exclusive events listed over on our 2013 Agenda. We know, we know, similar conferences don’t usually include a swank hotel room and delicious meals in your registration fee. What can we say? We’re taking it to the next level over here.

Oh, and don’t forget about the VIP Gift Bag you’ll get when you arrive, and all the raffle prizes you can win. That’s all included in your registration fee, too. Think you’re about to have the best weekend ever? Yeah, we know the feeling.

Do I have to pay the entire registration fee at once?

Yes, it’s a one-step process handled through Eventbrite that doesn’t allow for payment plans or deposits.

What if my plans change? What’s the cancellation and refund policy?

Unfortunately, BiSC doesn’t offer refunds for any reason, but you’re welcome to transfer your registration to someone else during the time window when registration is open.

I can’t make the whole event, but I really want to come. Am I allowed to come late or leave early?

We highly recommend attending the entire event, as it’s meant to be an all-inclusive experience and, like anything, you get out of it what you put into it. The longer you’re there, the more people you’ll meet! With that said, we understand that some people will only be able to come for two nights, or may need to arrange their plans a little differently from the rest of the group. You’re definitely allowed to do this, but because of event planning, sponsorship coordination, and other organizational particulars, the registration fee remains the same regardless of your length of stay.

If you’re planning to come late or leave early, please make sure you say so in the space provided for additional notes on your registration form.

I want to come, but I don’t know anyone else who’s going! Is that okay?

Absolutely. 100%. Yes. Of course!!

The entire purpose of BiSC is to bring online relationships offline by allowing people to meet their favorite bloggers (and bloggers they haven’t heard of yet!) face to face. We know it can seem intimidating to fly to Vegas for a weekend with 74 people you’ve never met, but it’s a chance that’s more than worth taking. Every single person who attends BiSC does so with an open mind, and with the knowledge that this is the chance of a lifetime to make friendships that will last far beyond the end of the event.

Do you have any tips for first timers?

The best advice for first timers is to embrace everything about the experience. Yes, you’re going to have butterflies leading up to the event. Yes, it’s going to feel a little strange to suddenly be surrounded by so many people you’ve only ever known through the internet. But it’s an incredible experience.

If it’s your first time attending, make sure you ask any and all questions that cross your mind. No question is too small or too silly to ask, and the BiSC Team would love to answer them!

For any questions related to the specifics of the event, don’t hesitate to contact me (Nicole!) and we can set up a time to chat on the phone and go over any details you’re unsure about. And hey, after we talk, you’ll no longer be able to say you don’t know anyone else who’s attending!

I don’t have a big blog audience, is that okay?

How much fun you have at BiSC has nothing to do with how many readers you have. If you’re part of the blogging community, you’re a welcome addition to the BiSC community, no matter what!

Can I bring someone with me?

Since BiSC is an event put on by bloggers, for bloggers, you have to have an active blog to attend the event in 2013. Unfortunately, we’re unable to accommodate guests, friends, spouses, cousins, etc. this year, because we’re saving every last spot for one of the incredible people in the blogging community.

How do I find a roommate?

This year, there are two great ways to get set up with a roommate. If you know who you’d like to room with, just write their name in the provided space on the registration form and make sure they do the same. If, instead, you’d like to go the spontaneous route and get assigned a roommate, you can just leave that field blank when signing up. Not choosing a roommate is a great way to make a new friend, and it’s the perfect option for anyone who’s attending, but doesn’t know anyone else (yet!)

Where are we staying?

We’re lucky enough to be staying in the super sexy Go Rooms at Flamingo Las Vegas again this year. (Yep, the rooms with the bright pink bathrooms that have TVs in the mirrors!)

Are there any rules and regulations I need to follow?

Well, you can’t do anything illegal (duh?), and you can’t do anything that violates the policies of the hotel or any of the other venues that are hosting our events.

Other than that, the only rule of BiSC is to be open-minded, warm, and welcoming, and to get excited as hell to meet such a fantastic group of fellow bloggers!

How do I sign up to be a sponsor or to contribute something to the gift bag?

Excellent question! This event will bring 68 of the most vocal bloggers to Vegas for four days of blogging, Tweeting, Facebook-ing, and all other kinds of social media fun. It’s the perfect environment for nonstop chatter and really offers our sponsors an unprecedented chance to interact with this highly passionate demographic and their large audiences in a personal, one-on-one way that you don’t find with larger conferences and events.

For more information about sponsorship and gift bag donation, please contact Nicole at nicole(at)bloggersinsincity(dot)com.

Can I rent a hotel room at another property or stay with a friend in Vegas and still attend the event?

Unfortunately, no. The heart of BiSC is the chance to spend four days interacting with other bloggers, and in order to create the best environment for budding friendships, we’re all bunking up in the same hotel. The only way to attend BiSC 2013 is to register with us and pay the registration fee, which ensures that everyone is accounted for and that the event is fantastically organized from start to finish.

Do you have any suggestions for making travel arrangements?

BiSC is not affiliated with any particular airline or travel company, but our previous attendees have usually had great luck setting fare alerts on their favorite travel booking websites. As the event nears, all registered attendees will be asked for their travel information, and every attempt will be made to connect people who are arriving at the airport at the same time, so that they can share transportation to the hotel.

Are all events mandatory? Does only attending some events change the price of registration?

BiSC is a social meetup with the goal of bringing people together and every event is scheduled with the hope that the entire group will attend. While nothing is mandatory, we’d appreciate a heads up if you know you won’t be participating in a certain event, so we can plan accordingly. Even if you miss an event or two, however, the registration fee remains the same.

Do you have any suggestions for what to do during the free time?

Vegas is a fantastic city, and there’s no shortage of places to eat, shows to see, and things to do. We always make sure to build little free time into this event, which should give people the chance to break up into smaller groups and explore whatever they’d like to explore on their own. We’ll be giving each registered attendee a coupon booklet, featuring local Vegas businesses who are offering exclusive discounts for our kickass bloggers.

What should I bring with me?

In the middle of May, Vegas is usually around 75 degrees, so you should pack accordingly. Other than that, you should pack whatever you need to feel comfortable. Take a look at the 2013 Agenda to see what else you’ll need.

I’m an anonymous blogger and I really want to come. How can I ensure that people will respect my privacy?

An essential aspect of BiSC is the understanding that even though we’re all bloggers, there’s a wide range of what we’re comfortable sharing online. Not everyone wants their picture tagged on Facebook and not everyone wants to be referenced by real name in your tweet. The golden rule is to just be respectful, and clarify if you have any questions about what people’s different comfort levels are. Similarly, if you’re a blogger who would rather remain anonymous to your audience, please include that in your registration bio to make sure everyone knows.

Who are the event sponsors?

The list of sponsors continues to grow, and links to their respective sites can be found on our homepage and elsewhere throughout this site. These companies are partnering with us because they believe in the overwhelming value of the blogging community and the honest, transparent sharing of experiences. Throughout the event, attendees will learn more about each of the companies who are responsible for making this event what it is, and will hopefully come to love them like we do.

Who do I contact if my question wasn’t answered here?

Feel free to email Nicole at nicole(at)bloggersinsincity(dot)com with any unanswered questions.