Bloggers in Sin City isn’t your ordinary blogging conference – it’s the ultimate unconference, specifically tailored to personal bloggers and social media enthusiasts. This event brings the online world offline by using outlandish fun to build powerful, lasting relationships between bloggers and their networks. Here at BiSC, we know that online is great, but offline is better, and we’re out to prove that truly magical things can happen when 68 fun, friendly, and uniquely creative people all come together for 4 mind-blowing days.

Spoiler Alert: You won’t find any panels or keynote speakers at Bloggers in Sin City – this isn’t that type of party. You won’t find meals served in boring conference rooms or parties held in over-crowded hotel ballrooms, either. And you certainly won’t find any dry or generic sponsorship interaction. At Bloggers in Sin City, we recognize that a personalized, custom experience is key. By capping our event at 68 bloggers, we ensure a uniquely VIP experience for each of our attendees, vendors, and sponsors from start to finish.

Every single second of Bloggers in Sin City is a reflection of the value we place on fun, friendship, and open communication. It’s a social experiment that gets bloggers together, letting them freely geek out day after day, and seeing what happens. Want relaxed laughter and nonstop fun? This is the event for you. Want an unprecedented chance to build lasting, mutually fantastic relationships with bloggers and brands that continue long after our 4-day event is over? Well then, we’ll see you in May!

“Bloggers in Sin City is the blogger’s version of Burning Man: an annual spiritual growth, wrought with adventure, laughter, and new friendships.” — @nicopolitan

“This was the best, most amazing experience I’ve had in my life. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed all of my fears and anxieties out of the way, because I can’t believe what I would have missed out on. I loved the atmosphere of the whole event and how much it felt like we were a family by the time we left.” – @kelalea

Meet The BiSC Team

Founder & Lead Organizer | Nicole Antoinette | @nicoleisbetter

Nicole Antoinette started BiSC back in 2009 with the goal of bringing creative & wonderful people together to prove that online is great, but offline is better. In addition to being the ringleader of the BiSC circus, she co-owns Shatterboxx, the boutique design firm responsible for the magic of this website, and she’s also the founder of A Life Less Bullshit, a steadily growing powerhouse of actionable guides for people who want to run smart, eat clean, and shatter their goals. In November 2012, Nicole ran her first marathon, and she’s currently on the move with a goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states and a full marathon on every continent. Oh, and yeah, she knows she talks really ridiculously fast. You’ll get used to it, promise.

Web Designer | Jamie Varon | @jamievaron

Jamie Varon is the other half of Shatterboxx, and she is currently writing a memoir about the times she spent cavorting around Rome, Paris, Berlin, London, and San Francisco. She thought her memoir would be about being single and traveling the world, but then she met the love of her life in Paris, so there went that plan. As the pixelated pioneer behind the entire portfolio of Shatterboxx websites, Jamie has crafted a unique style that, when combined with her killer eye for typographic perfection, truly earns her designs their cautionary label of “warning: may cause designgasm.” Jamie spends most of her time thinking about how to live a life so compelling and fantastic that Mindy Kaling, Ellen DeGeneres, and Amy Poehler will list her among their very best friends. She’s moving to L.A. with her fiancé in early 2013 to stalk Mindy Kaling to drink green juice and eat lots of kale.

Doniree Walker | @doniree | Sponsorship Strategist

Doniree Walker is a lifestyle blogger and digital media strategist living in Portland, Oregon. Fellow bloggers have nicknamed her the “Fairy Blogmother,” and she liked that so much that she founded her company (Eff Yeah Media) with the objective of working with bloggers and small businesses bust through creative blocks, and to help them learn how to use social media to create meaningful relationships. Her blog (appropriately nicknamed “Champagne With Breakfast”) oscillates between health + wellness, food + wine, personal style, travel + adventure, and writing about her business. She also thinks oscillates is a really fun word. In 2012, she traveled over 50,000 miles, and she hopes to top that in 2013. She is fueled by coffee, wine, and whiskey, and does, in fact, believe in champagne with breakfast and living with intention.